About Safad Centers

Safad Dental Center is one of the oldest centers in Riyadh. The first branch of the center was established in King Faisal Street (Minister) in 1993 followed by three years in the second branch (Safad 2) in King Abdullah Road.

In both branches, there are a selection of dentists and specialists covering all specialties (oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental implants, orthodontics, geriatrics and surgery, fixed and mobile dental prostheses, fillings, cosmetic prostheses, etc.).

Since its establishment, the Center's policy has been to provide the best and most modern treatment methods at the lowest possible cost without compromising the quality and quality of the treatment provided. Therefore, since its inception, the Center has been keen to keep pace with the times by providing the center and clinics with the latest equipment, technologies and materials.

Our Mission 

Providing high quality and quality treatment services supported by dental expertise.

Our Vision 

To be the perfect choice for those seeking accurate diagnosis, quality of treatment and professional proficiency.