Looking for the best dentists in Riyadh? Look no further

Dr. Hosam Qablawi


Dr. Hosam holds a Bachelor degree in Dentistry from Damascus University in 1982. Over 35 years of experience in treating all dental cases. Twenty years of this long experience in Safad dental Center. He has many certificates from attending a large number of conferences and workshops on modern dentistry, the latest methods and equipment in the medical field and a he is member of the Saudi Dental Association

Dr. Nedal Hammam


Dr. Nedal Hammam holds a        D. D. S degree from University of Aleppo in 1988. He is experienced in all dental  treatments; Cosmetic filling  Solutions, root treatments and  Cosmetic cases.

Dr. Shawqi Haidar


Dr. Shawky is a General Dentist , graduated from the University of Damascus in 1975 and has more than 40 years experience in Dentistry. He joined the Safed Dental Complex from 1995 and has been working there as a dentist till now

Dr. Ahmad Jaber


Dr. Ahmad is pediatric dentistry specialist, he has 20 years of experience is his field.