Looking for the best dentists in Riyadh? Look no further

Dr. Ammar Arab


Dr. Ammar has more than 23 years experience in dental cosmetic solutions. Since 2010 certified trainer for CEREC one day of porcelain crown and connect the filling to the patient. Since 2015 Certified Digital Smile Design.


Dr, Alaa is a passionate Saudi GP, graduated from Riyadh College of Dentistry with honors. 

Dr. Bassam Alnimer


Dr. Basam AlNimr is general Dentist with more than 40 years of experience. Started work in the Kingdom hospital  in 1985 and then began work at  Safad Dental Centers in 2004 and to date.

Dr. Deema Hamdan


Dr. Deema is a Jordanian dentist and works as a medical doctor at the Safed Dental Centers. She speaks three languages: Arabic, English and French. She has a BDS degree (Bachelor of Science in Dentistry) from the University of Jordan in 2006 and a Masters Degree in Root Therapy from Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2011. She has seven years of experience in treating and reprocessing root channels.

Dr. Eias Jamous


Dr. Eyas has a Master in orthodontics. Member of the Saudi Orthodontic Society. Certified treatment of Invisalign technique. services include: Orthodontic dentistry for children. Orthopedic orthodontics of children in early ages. Anaphylaxis and a 3-D scanning technique instead of traditional measurements, as well as traditional orthodontics in various forms: metallic, transparent and self-adhesive.


Dr.. Eyad Ghneim is a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery and a dental implant specialist and has been working at Safad Dental Center since 2005. He earned a master's degree from Danube University in Austria. from international lecturers and dental implants.

Dr. Hassan Al-Ghoneim



Dr. Hassan is a Saudi Dentist with 10 years of experience in different cosmetic dental treatments. Dr Hassan is a well known public figure in the region. 

Dr. Hind Aljassem


Dr. Hind holds a Bachelor of Dentistry and Surgery. She is experienced in cosmetic fillings, root treatment for front teeth and pediatric dentistry, luoride adhesives and adhesive adhesives for the prevention of caries and removal of calcareous sediments and fixed and moved structures (Zircon-Imax-Ceramics) 

Dr. Mazen Ghoneim


Dr. Osama Barakat


Dr. Osama graduated from the University of Aleppo, Faculty of Dentistry with more than 25 years of experience. He holds a certificate of registration for a specialist in fixed compensation, holder of the International Council for Dental Implant in 2005, holder of the German Board of Dental Implants in 2008, member of the Syrian Dental Association .

Dr. Tarek Alhalabi


Dr. Tareq is a Syrian dentist with 12 years experience in the field of moved and fixed installation on natural teeth,  cosmetic fillings and building blocks after the treatment of the core with the pewter wedges and casts and also cosmetic with fillings or contact lenses.

Dr. Usama Lubbad


Dr. Wael Odeh


Dr. Wael Odeh is a specialized orthodontist who obtained his degree from Université de Dijon in France , he has extensive experience in treating advanced orthodontic cases.

Dr. Zaher Altaqi


Dr.Zaher Altaqi obtained his DDS degree from Syrian Private University (SPU), College of Dentistry in Syria. He granted his Post-Graduate MASTER DEGREE in Endodontics from Damascus University, College of Dentistry, Syria. Then he obtained the SYRIAN BOARD of endodontics by the Syrian commission for health specialist. He is a member of Syrian endodontics and operative dentistry Society (SES).He is a Gold member at STYLE ITALIANO ENDODONTICS ASSOCIATION. He lectures internationally in many countries about the clinical approach to Microscopic Endodontics, his private practice is limited to microscopic endodontic treatment and restorative dentistry. He has an interest in microscope ergonomics and documentation.

Dr. Zuhair Haidar



Dr. Zuhair is a rofessor of face and jaw surgery. Member of the faculty of King Saud University from 1983 - 2003.

Dr. Zuhair performs cosmetic facial surgery and temporal jaws joint. He also performs operations under  local and general anesthesia
Experienced and licensed in many types of orthodontic treatments like TADs, Invisalign , Damon , lingual braces...